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Seeking a Co-Founder: To protect human workers from AI-driven disempowerment


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AI companies have a business model based on replacing human workers. To illustrate, OpenAI has the stated mission of creating "highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work."

Artists, actors, and writers (and eventually, workers everywhere) face AI-driven disempowerment. Their work is being unfairly used by AI companies, in order to train the very AI systems capable of stealing their incomes. We humans need to act now while we still have leverage, rather than risk being made economically useless by the powerful AI systems of the future.

I'm seeking a co-founder for Stake Out AI, a nonprofit that provides pro bono advising to AI-threatened professionals and unions. Stake Out AI is already advising workers of multiple AI-threatened occupations: on fact-finding and optimal messaging for AI copyright issues, and for ongoing union strikes that are negotiating contractual protections against AI encroachment.

The ideal co-founder would be a U.S.-based lawyer, to complement my experience in AI research and in union organizing. Responsibilities will include:
1. providing pro bono legal advising to AI-threatened professionals (e.g., advice to artists on copyright lawsuits, advice to unions on contract negotiations and strikes),
2. researching legal and policy strategies for stopping AI-driven disempowerment,
3. general co-founder duties (e.g., recruiting board members, hiring early employees, obtaining funding, and either incorporating or entering a fiscal sponsorship)

Please email (1) your CV and (2) your cover letter to to apply. Co-founder selection will be via rolling recruitment.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

- Dr. Peter S. Park
(Founder of;
MIT postdoc in the Tegmark lab;
former math-department steward for the Harvard Graduate Student Union)

P.S.: Please reach out to me ( if you happen to have any questions. 

Time commitment: Not specified

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