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Blackpool, UK

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Note: this is an ad for a reverse job.

By 2017, there had been various initiatives that had attempted to reform EA and Rationalist housing. The idea was simple: find a place that is dirt cheap, then all move there together to lower our cost of living considerably without losing most of our network. Existing hubs like London and the Bay were always great for finding connections and capital, but at the price of a living cost that forced many to commit to low-risk, short term strategies. People talked about moving out together, but no project managed to get off the ground.

Blackpool was a popular holiday resort in the 80s. When international holidays became cheaper, it fell out of fashion. But the council held on to the city’s main source of income. Many of the hotels back in the day did not get permission to convert to residential. They’re still around today, and most of them are completely vacant. This means that hotels in Blackpool are among the cheapest real estate in the developed world.

By the end of 2017, aspiring effective altruist Greg Colbourn made some successful crypto investments. He used that money to decisively turn these latent intentions into reality. He bought a hotel in Blackpool, and the EA Hotel was born.

Today the hotel hosts 20 EA’s working independently on their projects. In the long run, we hope to expand this by buying the building next door and across the street, which would bring this number up to 50. We have managed to set up a great living environment. We share dinner every day, meet up for debugging, people give talks, we go out together, and the work atmosphere is really strong. It’s like mixing a permanent EA Global with a nice cozy home. Many of us extended their stays.

We think the format of the EA Hotel is quite successful, and we would like to make it financially self-sufficient. So we’re opening up 4 rooms for the ETG role. Each one of these would be tasked with bringing in approx £20.000-£25.000 a year.

The role is important. We think it earns some privileges. Earning to give at the hotel means that you’ll be exempt from housework, and be given an en-suite room. With systems in place to meet all of your needs, the only thing you’ll be left to do is your remote job.

The most obvious remote job to combine with this role would be that of a software engineer. If you have software engineering skills, we are willing to offer mentorship to help you get started. Most ideally, multiple ETG’ers with similar jobs would help each other get up to speed.

If you’re interested, we will be happy to receive your application here. Or send us an email!

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2019-04-01

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