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Emerging Strategies Program Associate

Menlo Park, CA

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Reporting to the Director of Emerging Strategies, the Program Associate role is an exciting opportunity for a voracious learner who desires to have substantive impact on pressing issues and movements in the US and abroad. As the newest team within the Foundation, the Emerging Strategies portfolio was created to help capture, incubate, and execute unique initiatives that realize the interconnectivity across The 11th Hour Project program areas: Human Rights, Food & Agriculture, and Energy. 2018 was the first year of funding for the Emerging Strategies portfolio and thus the Program Associate will work with the Director of Emerging Strategies and other Foundation staff to synthesize learnings from existing grants and continue to explore intersections across program areas that, to date, have been underfunded by the sector.

[OP thoughts: This could be a nice intro role for someone looking at Foundation work. Schmidt Foundation has $500m in assets and this role is specifically designed to look for new (read: potentially higher impact) interventions than what the project is currently working on. Downsides: 1) it is restricted to three ‘program areas’; 2) the candidate probably won’t have much organization/culture-level influence; 3) OP doesn’t know about this organization, they just happened to reach out. It is not clear how many opportunities like this there are, maybe there are others that are significantly better. ]

Time commitment: Full time

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