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Vice Secretary General of EA Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

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EA Sweden intends to recruit the equivalent of a full-time job. This can be done by hiring a full-time employee or two part-time employees. Deciding whether one or two people are recruited will depend on the candidates who are applying. If you want to contribute to the organization but only have the opportunity to work part-time, welcome to see our second ad for the part-time services we are looking for.

Our organization and community is growing, therefore we are looking for staff at our office in Stockholm. We are looking for you who want to take a leading role in Effective Altruism Sweden’s continued growth, and which can be a central part of the movement’s development. The role gives you, as an individual, great development potential and the opportunity to work the value driven with driven individuals in our community.

The candidate we are looking for has multi-year experience of relevant work, has previously worked in a leadership role and started up new projects. You will work with outreach and partnerships, as well as with project management, seeking funding and finance. You will also be important in the organisation’s strategic work.

About Effective Altruism Sweden

Effective Altruism Sweden is the Swedish organization within the global effective altruism movement. We work to ensure that more people know and use effective altruism’s ideas and tools to increase their positive impact on the world. We do this by helping individuals and organizations identify how they can contribute to improving the world as much as possible - based on research and established methods - and then acting on this knowledge.

Our current work currently has two focus areas: community building and projects. In community building we intend to create a community with people with strong motivation to improve the world and deep knowledge of how to do this in the best way. We also offer advice and inspiration for companies, organizations and institutions on how to best use their resources to achieve as much world improvement as possible. We run the Project Future, an initiative to increase the long-term perspective of Swedish politics, including through the establishment of a cross-political network for future generations in the Riksdag. We also coordinate an entrepreneurial network and 7 local effective altruism groups around the country.

Effective Altruism Sweden works for a better world through various projects, but sees that our biggest contribution is to continue developing our community with capable people who want to use their resources - donations and professional life - to contribute to a better world. In community building we intend to create a growing community of people with strong motivation to improve the world and deep knowledge of how to do this in the best way.

About the role

We are looking for someone who can work together with our Secretary General to develop the organization’s strategy and processes, and lead parts of the organization’s projects and activities. Part of your time, you will grow our network and community in relevant areas, and talk to the public.

You will become part of a smaller team, consisting of our full-time secretary general, an additional employee, board, our 7 local groups around Sweden, our active volunteers (some 20 people) and our Swedish community (hundreds of people). You also become part of an international network of EA community builders (about 90 local groups globally) and effective altruists (tens of thousands of individuals worldwide).

Recruitment criteria

We consider the following criteria to be the most important:

  • A good understanding and strong commitment to effective altruism. The candidate should be well-motivated to use his career to improve the world as much as possible.

  • Have the ability to see the whole, see opportunities, and to think strategically

  • Shows epistemic virtues, e.g. ability to reason and discuss in a constructive way

  • Ability to lead groups and run several projects simultaneously and work in teams. Can work independently and solution-oriented, with great ownership.

  • Be able to communicate well both in text and in speech in Swedish as well as English, especially regarding effective altruism

  • Suitable for Effective Altruism Sweden’s entrepreneurial culture

  • Is structured and can work with goals and results

Fulfillment of these criteria is an advantage:

  • In-depth knowledge in some / several cause areas within effective altruism (eg Existential risks, global health / poverty or animal rights issues).

  • The candidate would advantageously develop into one of our career coaches. Interest and / or experience of leadership or mentoring is thus merit.

  • Experience of advocacy work

  • Good speaker

  • Interest and some talent for communication (social media, writing articles, contact with the media, etc.)

  • Experience of administrative work within non-profit association or other organization

  • Skills, and possibly experience of, applying for funding for organization / company

Other information

The position is a fixed-term employment with a one-year full-time job. The salary will be set in consultation with the employee, among other things in relation to their previous experience, and based on Stockholm’s median salary, adjusted for working hours.

Effective Altruism Sweden is based in Stockholm and has a seat at Norrsken House at Birger Jarlsgatan 57C. The employee should work in the same place.

The criteria listed above give us an indication of which candidate is most suitable. You are more than welcome to apply even if you do not meet all the requirements. If you are unsure if you are looking for, please contact us!

We are currently seeking funding for the role and will keep all applicants informed about the result. There is thus uncertainty about the financing of the role ahead. However, based on current information, we believe that it is highly probable that funding will be secured.


Apply by filling out this form. If you have any questions about the recruitment, please do not hesitate to contact Gabriella at gabriella@effektivaltruism.org.

Recruitment is ongoing. Apply no later than May 17th.

Time commitment: Not specified

Applications due: 2019-05-17

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