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Co-founder for Good Policies

The position

I am seeking out an altruistic and driven co-founder who is keen to maximise their counterfactual impact by starting high impact charities. I have decided to found a charity with a current focus on tobacco control, advocating to low and middle-income countries to increase tobacco taxes. The World Health Organization and Copenhagen Consensus , state that this is amongst the most cost-effective policies that they are aware of in global health. You can read a summary of Charity Entrepreneurship’s research on tobacco taxation here and GiveWell’s conversation notes where they discuss tobacco taxation here.

Our research and cost effectiveness analysis suggests that this is likely to be the most cost-effective policy that has been rigorously examined that mitigates the disease burden of non-communicable diseases. The organisation is amenable to other interventions if a strong case can be made that they are likely to be more cost-effective.


  • Work closely with the co-founder to shape the vision of the organisation
  • Conduct strong research into effective public health advocacy
  • Work with a co-founder to develop a strong strategy for M&E
  • Build the organisations network with public health experts and value-aligned funders
  • Coordinate with existing advocacy groups and partners to ensure we are using the most effective strategies that we are aware of
  • Work with a co-founder to improve operations by building internal systems
  • Help to manage charity finances including budgeting and grant writing


An ideal applicant would have most of these things

  • Passion: Deep enthusiasm about our opportunity to improve people’s lives
  • Perseverance: Dedication to the long-term progress and sustainability of the charity and its intermediate hurdles
  • Creative problem-solving: Ability to efficiently learn and execute best practices where they exist and to innovate where they don’t
  • Managerial and social skills: Ability to lead the team to meet project goals promptly, track progress, foster a positive work environment, and build professional partnerships

Desirable Attributes:

An ideal applicant might have one or more of these things

  • Experience in advocacy roles in low and middle-income countries (connections to government would be valuable)
  • Ability to effectively grasp, critique, and present academic literature that will guide team decisions.
  • Understanding of core Effective Altruism principles
  • The ability to work out of London in the same office as the existing co-founder
  • Desire to travel abroad when necessary
  • Experience managing sizeable budgets
  • Previous experience at a think tank
  • Experience working in South Asia in global health or poverty alleviation
  • Advanced degree (Masters or PhD or equivalent) in economics and an interest in development economics


  • Opportunity for highly impactful work whilst building career capital
  • High autonomy and creativity in shaping your role and the development of the charity
  • Pay according to your fit
  • Flexible work environment and schedule
  • Rewarding team environment - this will be meaningful, interesting, and fun!
  • Integration with the effective altruism community
  • Opportunity to travel and speak at conferences
  • Mentoring and support from a network of experienced charity founders and executives
  • Skill development in entrepreneurship, management, and institutional collaboration
  • Working with a passionate co-founder deeply interested in this idea
  • A cause you believe in and a risk worth taking


Please complete this form with the following two files:

  1. A cover letter expressing what you would bring to the team
  2. A CV (please feel free to supplement this with a LinkedIn profile/personal website/GitHub/etc. as necessary)

Application deadline : Rolling (Email for the latest information)

Want to learn more about this opportunity? Let’s chat or you can email me at I’m excited to pursue this opportunity and look forward to reading your application!

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2019-12-15

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