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We are seeking a motivated individual to help us develop a cutting-edge anxiety management app, focused on reducing the suffering of people with high anxiety. Our goal as a company is to improve the lives of millions of people.

This role is suited to someone who has a background in mental health, is a strong and persuasive writer, and who can work part time, remotely.

As a successful candidate, you’ll continue to improve the content of our anxiety-reducing exercises and activities, and create new content in line with our user feedback and recent research.

Some reasons you may enjoy this position - Have a large impact on the success of a meaningful project, with the goal of improving the lives and reducing the suffering of large numbers of people - Flexible hours, work whatever times of day or days of the week you prefer - Work part time, from anywhere you like collaborating with our remote team - Help develop a cutting edge mental health project - Fun problem solving, testing hypothesis and figuring out solutions - Learning a bunch of new skills in a supportive environment - Having highly varied work where you will work on important questions - Be at the heart of many streams of work, including that of our researchers, designers, and coders

The role will entail taking on substantial responsibility for the content of our app, Mind Ease:

Revising our existing content - We’ve run a 300-person randomized controlled trial establishing the effectiveness of our exercises, and you will further develop and improve them - Working alongside our analytics and user research staff to test hypotheses, follow leads, and update the app in line with our data on user retention and learnings from our studies - Applying your understanding of mental health and wellbeing to our content, ensuring that we’re following evidence and best practices - Making substantive improvements to the user experience of our calming exercises

Creating new content - Using your understanding of anxiety management techniques to implement exercises we’re currently lacking in conjunction with our dev team - Authoring written content which walks/talks users through the best ways of thinking about and relating to their anxiety - Proposing new ways of structuring and developing the app in order to further expand the value that users can get - Write interesting and engaging articles for an upcoming blog section of our website - Author thoughtful and engaging social media posts

Familiarising yourself with our custom content management system GuidedTrack (though note that no coding experience is necessary – it’s very user-friendly, and you’ll have lots of support)

The app is already available on iOS, Android, and Web. We are actively and rapidly making many improvements to the app.

The pay is £19/$25 per hour, with 15-20 hours of remote work per week (which is flexible). Both pay and hours worked per week can be negotiated upwards upon the success of Q1 2020 fundraising efforts.

Mandatory requirements for this position: - Well read and knowledgeable about best practices in mental health generally, with knowledge of anxiety specifically - An excellent writer, with a friendly and clear style - Able to translate complicated ideas into easily-accessible language - Comfortable working at home (i.e., in a remote work environment)

Non-mandatory, but would help you succeed: - Mental health credentials or clinical experience working with patients - Connections with people in the mental health industry (in case it would be helpful to reach out to a friend or former colleague for advice) - Recognise the importance of mental health as a cause - Eager to be involved with a project of this kind - Curious and inquisitive, with a tendency to testing theories and gathering evidence - Updates beliefs quickly in-line with new evidence - You learn new skills quickly and enjoy learning new things

To apply, please visit this link to see the application process: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13JIRtkXH3MfPH2zMsrkms2u3KlV-Q6833eyXhzwudSY/edit

Applications close March 1, 2020.

Time commitment: Part time

Applications due: 2020-03-01

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