Corporate Campaigns Coordinator (Cage-free eggs)


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Equalia is a non-profit organization focused on effective farmed animal advocacy.

Position location: Spain-based remote.


As Corporate Campaigns Coordinator your goal will be to directly impact our mission: to facilitate and perform corporate campaign objectives in an effective manner to end the use of cages in egg production in Spain.

Your responsibilities

Define corporate campaign objectives and initiate the campaigns.

Occasionally support international campaigns, in cooperation with animal welfare groups and coalitions in the poultry sector.

Facilitate campaign objectives by generating a volunteer base to assist with petitions, social media and campaign actions.

‚ÄčDiversify our tactics into active campaigns to ensure victories.

‚ÄčLeverage collaborative work with coalitions and stakeholders to learn new approaches.

‚ÄčResearch and stay on top of developments in corporate campaigning strategy.

What you bring to Equalia

Communication skills: being able to communicate our message clearly and professionally to companies, the media and our volunteer base.

‚ÄčEffectiveness: the ability to quickly search for information online. This is a very important part of the job, as it determines how quickly we can bring our campaigns to fruition.

‚ÄčProblem solving: since each campaign is developed differently, this position requires agile problem solving and creative thinking to maximize the likelihood of success.

‚ÄčConsistency: campaigns succeed because of the relentless efforts of our staff. This is one of the most important qualities for the position.

‚ÄčAdvanced or fluent level of Spanish is required.

‚ÄčFocus on execution and achievement of objectives.

‚ÄčLearning agility, adaptability and flexibility.

Knowledge of technology related to the use of G-Suite, including the creation and maintenance of spreadsheets with large amounts of data, familiarity with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). For digital campaign actions, creative use of videos on social media (lives, stories). Ability to quickly learn new software for email tracking, research tools, creating and sharing requests, etc.

Availability to join immediately.

We also value

‚ÄčProfessional experience in writing, design and social media.

‚ÄčOrganizational skills: the Co-management of diverse initiatives requires exemplary organizational skills, including daily use of Google Drive and project management software.

‚ÄčFlexibility: the position involves performing a wide variety of tasks and requires constant adaptation and learning. Campaigns are often unpredictable and require a flexible work schedule.

What you’ll find at Equalia

Flexible working environment: we work from multiple locations in Spain!

‚ÄčA dynamic team and a startup environment.

‚ÄčOne-year full-time temporary contract until the end of the project with the possibility of renewal.

‚ÄčOpportunities for continuous training and updating within the scope of Corporate and Institutional Social Responsibility.

Our values

Transparency: our entire team has the right to access information about our processes, dynamics and internal policies. Fiscal accountability and impact evaluation reports are publicly accessible through our website.

Teamwork: our work dynamics are collaborative. We work on a project basis, dividing the leadership in each phase of the project transversally.‚Äč

‚ÄčEffectiveness and pragmatism: we are part of the effective animal advocacy movement and we assume the values of effective altruism.

‚ÄčInnovation: within the environment of animal protection, we work in coalition with other leading international projects, using results-oriented methodologies.

‚ÄčTransversality: intensive animal farming and aquaculture are not only a problem for animals. We want to promote an intersectional approach to interconnected global problems and generate synergies between different institutional, business and civil stakeholders.

‚ÄčCare policy: care, respect, conciliation, equal opportunities and the creation and maintenance of a healthy working environment are the pillars on which our project is based.

How to join the team

Applicants should send an e-mail to info@equaliaong.org with the following information:

‚ÄčThe subject of the email should clearly indicate the name of the position you‚Äôre applying to. Please, include your salary expectations in the email.

‚ÄčCover letter in Spanish: Briefly explain what motivates you to work at Equalia and how you would like to help us achieve our vision.

‚ÄčUpdated CV: We want to know about your previous experience and skills.


‚ā¨18.000 to ‚ā¨24.000, depending on the experience

‚ÄčApplication deadline: February 25th, 2021.

Equalia is committed to inclusive access to job opportunities. All candidates will receive equal consideration for the position in the search for talent to create a diverse workforce. regardless of ethnicity, color, class, gender, sexual orientation, type of diet, special abilities, marital or family status, and religion.

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2021-02-25

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