Center on Long-Term Risk

Research Assistant (quantitative modeling)

London, UK

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  • Collaborating closely with CLR researchers to implement quantitative models for answering strategically important questions;
  • Communicating findings appropriately;
  • Making inputs and gears of the model accessible to CLR researchers.

We expect the content of the models to be wide-ranging. Examples currently of interest to CLR researchers include: AI timelines, the relative value of preventing bargaining failure vs. AI misalignment, and the causes of conflict. For examples of the kind of output we might like you to help us create, see this timelines model (by Ajeya Cotra), this agent-based model, and these economic growth simulations (by David Roodman). (Note that much of the work may be for internal consumption and thus need not be this “polished”.)

Time commitment: Part time

Applications due: 2021-03-15

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