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Deep Learning Engineer (Contract)


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We’re looking for Deep Learning Engineer who is excited about the chance to build infrastructure for other deep learning researchers (ex: experiment tracking tools, model debugging methods, automated hyperparameter optimizers, developer tooling, etc).

You must be a great software engineer who enjoys building systems that support other engineers. We’re flexible on the exact number of years of experience, but this likely is not a great fit for those with fewer than 5 years of post-college work experience (or the equivalent—we love people who are self-taught). You must also have significant prior experience with machine learning, ideally having worked with PyTorch on non-trivial projects.

This role is unique in that it is about focusing on coding and nothing else. There is no expectation that you attend standup, spend time doing sprint planning, or any of that other stuff. We’ll take care of creating the specs and just talk through them with you to ensure there are no questions, and you’ll be free to focus on coding.

This is also an opportunity to work with other great programmers who care about their craft. Ex: even our deep learning code has tests (though we’re not dogmatic—they’re only tested to the extent that tests are useful). We have deterministic formatting, zero linter errors, wide type coverage with MyPy, etc.

Time commitment: Part time

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  • Submitted 23 Feb
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