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SF Bay Area (currently remote)

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Momentum is working to help EA nonprofits raise more money. We’re expanding the reach of effective altruism, helping non-EA donors make more effective donations by leveraging donation psychology and behavioral science. Our software ties things you do and care about to automatic, effective donations. Learn more here:

Position Overview
We're excited to bring on our first in-house engineers as we quickly grow to meet our next milestones. We're looking for an experienced Back-End Engineer to drive the development of a back-end that scales us from supporting 50k donors today to serving as the recurring donation infrastructure of the internet. Meanwhile, we will need to maintain the live legacy application as we make the transition. 

We're looking for someone with a robust experience in architecting, developing, deploying and maintaining high traffic, high load APIs with a strong focus on high availability, scalability and security. Experience with payment processing (Stripe), micro-services architecture, and refactoring of legacy systems is very desirable.

In your first 3 months, you will…
  • Successfully onboard and create strong bonds with the current team
  • Gain full control of and stabilize a legacy high traffic, high load API
  • Partner with the CTO on building the tech team and establish department processes
  • Be a founding member of our engineering team and have a say in our engineering processes

In your first 6 months, you will…
  • Develop prototypes of new features using rapid iteration and experimentation as we learn with nonprofits
  • Continuously re-architect and refactor the code base as the product evolves and the scale increases

In your first year, you will...
  • Champion best-in-class engineering practices and systems for the growing engineering team
  • Develop a platform from the ground up that helps organizations embed our tools directly into their websites
  • Add exciting new rule types to our collection of donation triggers
  • Open the API to third parties to create new and interesting rule-based campaigns
  • Make sure the infrastructure keeps pace with the user growth

Our ideal hire...
  • Learned best practices at a major software company and has experienced the challenges and joys working at a startup
  • Has managed and maintained production code at scale (e.g., 100k+ recurring monthly users)
  • Has experience building engineering teams or mentoring junior engineers

Technical Qualifications, in priority order
  • Can solve a variety of challenging scenarios in Node.js and SQL
  • Comfort working in PostgreSQL, AWS (EC2, ECS, S3, CDN, CloudFront...), Docker and a number of 3rd party API's (e.g., Stripe, Plaid, Mailgun, etc)
  • Performance tuning of the application, using APM tools, and RDBMS 
  • Can monitor and maintain infrastructure hosted on AWS

Engineering Values
  • We know that code isn’t just a set of instructions for machines, but communication with other humans; style, elegance, and respect are important.
  • We understand that the tools we build have real-world consequences for millions of people and take that responsibility seriously.
  • Security is at the center of everything we do. We are always on the lookout for ways to further harden our platform. 
  • We believe that an ability to balance paying off technical debt and rapidly completing a project contributes to the health of the codebase, engineering team, and organization.
  • We believe that ideas are more important than technologies.
  • We believe that being correct isn’t enough; respect for your colleagues and users is fundamental.

Benefits and Compensation
We don’t think that money should be the primary reason you join us. That said, we do offer a generous compensation package:

  • Competitive salary and generous equity
  • Fully paid trans-inclusive health, dental and vision insurance
  • Stipend for computer and home office setup
  • Professional development resources
  • Behavioral science-based and paid time-off policy

Additional Information
Momentum’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA. In the short term: due to COVID-19, we have shifted our team to fully remote until at least June 2021. We’re seeking folks excited to relocate to the bay area at some point (we'll work with you to do so).

Folks in minority or marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Research in behavioral science demonstrates that if you’re reading this, you may focus on how you don’t meet our requirements. If you know you’re talented and passionate about the role and improving the lives of others, please apply! 

Momentum is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against candidates on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. Momentum cannot at this time hire outside of the USA or sponsor work visas.

For more information, contact 

Time commitment: Full time

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