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Manage the software systems and servers, and support the team to get things done.

Want to make a better world? We're hiring a Systems Administrator (Sysadmin) / Dev-Ops Manager to help in our mission - to raise money for charity, change advertising for good, and empower internet users. Help us achieve more.

Salary: £20,000 to £40,000 depending on experience
All staff receive a range of valuable staff benefits including share options.
Excellent career progression options.
Location: Edinburgh (flexible options available)
Hours: Full-Time (flexible working and part-time / job-share options are available)

Be involved in a start-up that makes a difference.

Good-Loop takes money from advertisers, and gives it to charities.
But Good-Loop is not itself a charity: we do this by making ads more effective, and we do make a profit on each ad. We are turning ads from a nuisance to be blocked, into a shared positive moment which funds social and environmental good. We also believe in treating internet users fairly, empowering them to be partners in the advertising and data ecosystem. Clients include Unilever, Kit-Kat, and Pepsi, and we've raised over £2m for charity.

You'll be part of a small dynamic world-class team, led by CEO Amy Williams (Forbes 30 Under 30 | UN Women Global Innovator) and co-founder CTO Daniel Winterstein (Director of the Year, Scotland 2019 | PhD in AI). Join us! Use your skills to improve the world.

Do you like making systems work? Is your work reliable and methodical? Do you dive into the technical side of computers? Then this is a job for you.

This job includes light out-of-hours support duties.

  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint flavour), including configuring computers from scratch.
  • Comfortable with Linux command line work, and BASH scripting for automation
  • Light html / css knowledge, to support non-technical workers in adjusting designs.
  • Working on servers over ssh.
  • High attention to details.
Of course:

  • A can-do problem-solver attitude
  • Good communication and team-work skills
  • ...and independent enough to manage your own work
  • Quick learner
  • Reliable worker
The job is varied! We'll describe a range of tasks here. We don't expect you to have experience in all of these. We expect you to have the underlying skills, combined with a can-do attitude to tackle new tasks. You won't be alone - one of the key skills is drawing on others to get things done as a team.

A few example tasks:

  • Responsibility for the maintenance and update of our products and internal tools
  • Lead for internal tech support
  • Maintaining backups of data
  • Computer hardware procurement (e.g. understand how CPU and ram affect performance)
  • Write internal documentation as our procedures change
  • Responsibility for keeping servers and software systems up and running
  • Support non-technical team with minor technical edits
  • Lead on responding to bug reports (with support from the developers)
  • Setting up a new web-service (e.g. setup an ssl certificate, the nginx web-server config, and a TeamCity deployment script)
  • Testing (to ensure we don't release bugs)
We don't expect you to have experience in all of these systems (you should be able to learn on the job) -- Just let us know which ones you have.

  • Continuous Integration (CI) using TeamCity
  • Javascript using React and built with Webpack
  • Java
  • Elasticsearch
  • DNS management
  • Gmail (we use the Google for Business suite)
  • Puppeteer and Jest for testing
  • Git
  • Nginx
  • GlusterFS
You should have a passionate can-do attitude to your work. Responsibility and independence are important -- combined with flexible team-work. The right candidate will have the chance to shape the job, and will be at the heart of an exciting company.

To apply, please email:

  • Your CV
  • Links to examples of your work if possible.
To with the subject line: "Systems Administrator (Sysadmin) / Dev-Ops Manager Job"

We will collect applications, and get in touch with you once we're ready. This may take a couple of weeks.

The next stage is a quick email-based challenge.

Time commitment: Not specified

Applications due: 2021-10-22

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