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Invincible Wellbeing's Mission
Promote research targeting the biological substrates of suffering. 

Quantifying Global Suffering

Invincible Wellbeing (IW) is creating a quantitative model of earth's distribution of suffering. We're hoping to engage students and faculty with backgrounds either in ecology or maths/stats. The goal is to refine existing efforts to quantify organisms via: population snapshots, reproduction and turnover rate, number of neurons, and other indicators of suffering.

This is part of a larger effort at IW to prioritize which organisms could stand to benefit most from research targeting the root capacity to suffer and to study the most evolutionarily conserved mechanisms underpinning suffering.

Ideal Candidate

We're seeking PhDs and grad students as remote contractors. We need someone who can do the research without technical help and lead those assisting with data entry.

  • Years of experience in population ecology, i.e. quantitative methods for measuring populations.
  • Alternatively, we will consider those with strong backgrounds in maths and statistics if they are willing to quickly assimilate a great deal of new literature.
  • You are skeptical of any one data source.
  • You care deeply about precision and proper citation.

Base pay range: $10/hr - $100/hr

Not the ideal candidate?

We are also open to undergraduate students who wish to be paid via existing work study-programs or who would like to volunteer. Such individuals can use the opportunity to learn from the selected candidate, assisting with duties such as data entry.

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