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Research Analyst

Palo Alto, CA

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The Forethought Foundation is seeking a Research Analyst working primarily on projects for Principal Investigator (PI) Zach Freitas-Groff, a Global Priorities Fellow in economics and a PhD Candidate at Stanford University. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about making a difference and is happy to work closely with Zach in order to support current projects and potentially explore additional areas of research related to improving the long-term future.

You will aid Zach with a variety of tasks, including collecting and managing new datasets, coding data analysis and surveys, and assisting with literature reviews. You may also work with Global Priorities Fellow Philip Trammell or take on additional duties to assist the Forethought Foundation’s needs during some of your time. We expect that the role will be well-suited to those with social science research skills who are looking for an introduction to effective altruism and global priorities research.

Depending on the Analyst’s interest and performance, there may be an opportunity for a promotion to a research fellow position with significant independent research time after a minimum of one year. On projects where the Analyst demonstrates significant independent initiative, co-authorship is a possibility.

Time commitment: Full time

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  • Created by Zachary Freitas-Groff
  • Submitted 29 Dec
  • Last updated 29 Dec