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Generation Pledge
Position description - Program & Events Manager 

Generation Pledge is seeking a full-time Program and Events Manager. This person will bring the logistical, administrative and communication skills needed to create magnetic and transformational experiences for our community. 

About Generation Pledge

Generation Pledge is a growing global community of inheritors from ultra high net wealth families who commit to doing the most good with their resources. Our mission is to mobilise inheritors in ultra high net wealth families to use their resources to reduce suffering, increase flourishing and reduce existential, environmental and social risks.  

To join, they pledge to give at least 10% of everything they will inherit within the first five years of inheriting, and to use all their forms of capital (financial, social, political and career) to generate the greatest impact, both before and after inheriting. We then support pledgers to develop the skills and confidence to do the most good with their unique resources and fulfil their commitments meaningfully and impactfully. 

We are a small team of five with a big vision for impact, to inspire and support 5,000 inheritors to take the Generation Pledge by 2035. We have a can-do culture, are highly dynamic and value exceptional standards of quality in our work. Each of us is deeply committed to positive impact and work energetically to fulfil this calling through Generation Pledge.

About the role

We are seeking a full-time Program and Events Manager to deliver exceptional, creative and meaningful programs and events to the community. This person will work across experience and growth teams, supporting the development and implementation of programs and events that help us: 
  1. grow our community, 
  2. build connections between community members, and 
  3. educate pledgers in effective impact.

They will be a pivotal member of the Generation Pledge team, providing much needed logistics, administration and communication support for our key programs and events.

Our community is growing. This role is an important addition to our team and key in helping to achieve our bold vision by undertaking a variety of program management and administration tasks. The ideal candidate is somebody who has a passion for  building journeys. They love identifying and delivering all the nitty-gritty details of seamless events and programs. They are confident in engaging with participants, suppliers, speakers and partners. They know how to bring an event and program idea to life and are comfortable juggling multiple projects at once.

Key responsibilities

This person will work across the Experience and Growth teams to help support the development and management of programs and events.
  • Manage the planning, logistics and administration duties for programs and events. This includes creating plans, timelines, communications, logistics, content materials and more.
  • Support the process of program design, content development and implementation. Work closely with other team members to ensure the creation of magnetic and educational content.
  • Manage marketing for events and programs. This includes creating marketing material, invitation language and newsletters.
  • Undertake administration tasks for events, products and programs. Provide crucial support to ensure events, products and programs are seamless and delivered to an exceptional quality. 
  • Be the lead coordinator for in-person gatherings, overseeing logistics, key suppliers and contractors.

Key areas of knowledge and experience

  • Ideally 3-5 years’ experience with developing and implementing educational programs or events.
  • Strong project management skills with ability to take an idea and turn it into a reality. This incorporates organisational, time management, communication, leadership and problem solving skills.
  • Proven track record of managing all the nitty-gritty details in programs or events.
  • Experienced in creating and/or enhancing events to make them innovative and magnetic. 
  • Solid foundational knowledge in impact, including familiarity with concepts of Effective Altruism.
  • An understanding of behavioural sciences is a bonus.

Key characteristics

  • An energetic do-er and self-starter. Trusted to take on a task, finish it to exceptional quality and then communicate back that it’s done.
  • Exceptional teamwork skills. 
  • Passionate about the potential impact of Generation Pledge. 
  • Ability to confidently communicate and connect with people of influence from around the world and different generations. 
  • Native English speaker. While our community is global, all of our events are run in English. Unfortunately, we don’t have the internal capacity to support a non-Native English speaker in written communications.
  • Very detail oriented. The ideal candidate will be counted on to produce work that is of the highest quality and with great attention to detail. Any person who does not thrive doing detail oriented work should not apply for this position.  
  • Great with words and would feel comfortable creating marketing content for events and programs.
  • Passion for building seamless experiences.
Why you’ll want to work at Generation Pledge

  • Be part of building a start-up organisation that has huge potential to significantly increase resources and capital for effective impact.
  • Be entrepreneurial with a ridiculously driven and supportive team who want to see you thrive.
  • Opportunities to travel (when it is safer).
  • Opportunity to work remotely.


This is a full-time remote contractor position, that will be working with a team within US Eastern and UK time zones. This position reports to the Chief Experience Officer and works closely with all team members.

Our goal is to ensure we are a community that celebrates diversity and creates an inclusive environment for all. We take equal opportunity seriously and hire based on qualifications, merit and our needs. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and skills, and we believe this is crucial for our success. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability or any other basis. 

Annual compensation of USD$50,000. Work location is remote with potential office space, if needed. 

To apply, please send to
  • Your resume or CV outlining your experience.
  • Either a brief cover letter or 1-2 minute video:
    • Introducing yourself
    • Telling us why you want to work with GP
    • Outlining why you’re a great fit for the role and the team
  • The details for two references. We will not contact them until a later stage in the process and will let you know before we do.

Applications will be considered on a continuing basis until the position has been filled.

Intended start date: March 2022

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2022-03-01

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