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Operations Associate

Boulder, Colorado, US

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Very powerful computing hardware is strategically relevant to AGI research, affecting, when, how, and where AGI is developed. As a public benefit corporation, we are bound by our charter to help mitigate the risks that such technology creates and ensure that its benefits are shared by all. We plan to use our technological advantage to advance alignment research, help prevent misuse, and aid coordination between value-aligned actors. In this role, you can help magnify the productivity and focus of our team, helping Fathom stay mission-focused and driven to have a large positive effect on the future of machine intelligence. We're a small but fast-growing team (5x growth in headcount over the last 10 months), and offer a workplace focussed on positive productivity and personal improvement.

Our ideal candidate will care deeply about our mission, and be willing to get involved across a variety of areas such as finance, office management, HR, strategy and hiring. We're looking for people with a range of skills, but we don't require experience in any one specific area. We're especially excited about people who are willing to learn new things and jump in wherever help is needed, with plenty of support.

Areas of responsibility

  • Making our team more awesome using all the means at our disposal
  • Creating, improving and managing our processes, such as on-boarding, performance management and accounts
  • Managing vendor relationships for operations functions
  • Office management

What we're looking for

  • Open - you share and seek information, including critical feedback
  • Inclusive - you help ensure that Fathom is a place where everyone who embodies our core values can succeed
  • Optimization - you create systems to simplify processes and find software and tools to make your job easier
  • Mission-motivated - you care about contributing to what Fathom needs most and getting things done, even if it’s not always glamorous
  • Owning your work - you pursue the underlying goal of a project by using your own judgment and discretion
  • Project management - you can successfully manage a project from beginning to end, from the big picture to the minor details
  • Task prioritization and organization - you are able to effectively prioritize and organize a wide variety of responsibilities
  • Strong communication - you are responsive and communicate clearly, helpfully and kindly

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2022-02-13

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