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London, UK

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Are you interested in taking the next step as a software engineer, tackling challenging problems, and working for a mission-driven company that seeks to improve the world?

We'd love for you to join Thought Saver!

About Thought Saver
The world is growing its technological capabilities rapidly, yet learning hasn't kept pace. Many of us still seek wisdom through reading blog posts (a 25-year-old technology) and books (which were used hundreds of years ago).

With Thought Saver, we aim to help people learn new ideas more effectively, retain the most important ones, and apply them in their lives. Thought Saver (which you can try here: is an intelligent flashcard app that helps lifelong learners remember valuable ideas and put them into action to improve their well-being and decision-making. We're a mission-driven company aiming to improve the world with our product.

We are a small early-stage startup (a team of three) iterating our way to Product-Market Fit. This means a lot of quick, iterative design with tons of customer input.

Job Description
We are looking for a highly skilled software engineer looking to take their next steps as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). However, no prior CTO experience is required. With your help, our team will continue to iteratively improve and develop Thought Saver. Our technology stack for this product heavily uses TypeScript/JavaScript, Node.js, React, React Native, Redux, and Firebase.

This is a remote-first (work at home) roll, with the option to work in person if you are based in London!
To facilitate connection and deepen bonds in a "remote first" model, team members will spend ~2-4 weeks per annum in-person together for collaborative planning and reflection.

Work Hours
This is a full-time role where you can choose the hours that suit you, but you'll be expected to work at least 40 hours per week.

You will manage and work closely with our full-stack engineer to solve challenging web development/programming problems. You will decide the best technologies to apply and the suitable architectures to put ideas into practice. You and our full-stack engineer will work together to implement these ideas. You will also work with the CEO on the long-term product strategy and help ensure we iterate fast and continuously test our assumptions. Your input and ideas will meaningfully and substantially shape our product. And your efforts will help to make the products truly great.

Being a small team working on a highly complex application, we have no choice but to be obsessive about writing high-quality code. If beautiful, clear, simple, readable, concise, and elegant code makes you happy, this work is excellent for you. Writing high-quality code with extensive unit testing, code reviews, and end-to-end tests is necessary to allow our small team to punch above its weight to build a fantastic product.

In this role, you get to work at home with highly flexible hours that you set (our entire team is remote). However, you will be able to get guidance and collaborate on your work whenever you need it, and we'll work in sprints, with asynchronous standups and bi-weekly team calls. We also plan to do daily co-working sessions with Pomodoro's for an hour or two each day.

Mandatory requirements to apply:
  • You must be a very strong programmer.
  • You must be able and willing to write very high-quality code.
  • You must have significant experience building with JavaScript (and at least one MVC or UI component library, preferably React)
  • You must have excellent communication skills.
  • You must love learning & tackling complex challenges!

Non-Mandatory requirements, but nice to have:
  • Located in London (not mandatory, but it would be nice to do some work in person when we are such a small team!)
  • Experience in TypeScript, Node.js, React, React Native, Redux, Jest, and Firebase.
  • Experience in iterative product design (such as the build, measure, learn cycle)
  • Enjoy learning about startups.
  • Experience with or a strong interest in how to achieve high scalability in web apps
  • Experience with or a strong interest in making user interfaces that surprise and delight users
  • Resourcefulness
  • You've managed, mentored, and inspired a small team of engineers providing architectural guidance, code reviews, etc. Or you are excited to learn how to!

$50,000 USD (or £40,000 GBP) per year + equity when we spin out. We are currently a part of the Spark Wave startup foundry but will be spinning out once we reach product-market fit.

This role provides
  • Interesting challenges
  • Responsibility and an opportunity to grow
  • Joining a team driven to improve the world and to improve ourselves continuously!
  • Remote working
  • Flexible about vacation
  • Annual company retreat
  • Support from being a part of the Spark Wave ecosystem


We are looking to hire quickly, so please apply as soon as possible if you are interested in this position.

The first round of this application process does NOT require a resume (we will ask for resumes in the second round, but unlike most companies, we do not put much importance on them).

Instead, we ask that you apply by filling out an initial screener, after which we will send you a coding challenge if we think you might be a good candidate. We believe that the best way to evaluate your skills is to get you to code! To start the application process, please go here:

Apply here! (

The earlier you submit your application, the better, although please be sure to submit your application before the end of the day, Sunday, July 10th, 2022, GMT.

If you're unsure if you should apply, please do! We don't expect any prior experience as a CTO. If this role seems at all interesting to you, please apply, regardless of your level of experience and expertise. You might actually be a great fit!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact:

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2022-07-10

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