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LEEP seeks multiple dynamic generalists with excellent communication skills who will be responsible for running LEEP’s programs in up to three countries each, as we strengthen our model and scale to new locations

Position Summary

Application Deadline: June 30th
Starting Date: ASAP is preferable (September - October), but some flexibility is possible if joining later is necessary
Duration: Long term 
Hours: Full time
Location: Remote, or from London office
Salary: $45,000-65,000 USD
How to apply: Fill out this short application form. The strongest candidates will be contacted for the first-stage interview
Extra information: you can find out more by watching this video. It is not necessary to watch the video before applying and we have included timestamps in the description so you can skip through to sections you’re interested in.

About LEEP

LEEP is an impact-driven non-profit that aims to eliminate childhood lead poisoning, a massive problem affecting an estimated one in three children worldwide.
We have started with one major source of exposure: lead paint. We generate data on the extent of the problem, advocate to governments to introduce and enforce regulation, and support manufacturers with switching to lead-free ingredients. We expect our work to be extremely cost-effective and scalable. 

The LEEP team is growing fast, and we are looking for talented, driven people to help us achieve our mission of eliminating lead paint globally and - in so doing - improve tens of millions of lives.
Since our founding in August 2020, we have:
  • Successfully advocated for the implementation of lead paint regulation in Malawi. It is estimated that our Malawi program will prevent lead poisoning in 215,000 children
  • Expanded operations to nine countries across three continents. Conducted eight paint studies and started working with five governments and several manufacturers 
  • Received grants from major foundations, including Schmidt Futures and FTX Future Fund, have been recommended by Rethink Priorities in its 2021 report for those who want to fund direct lead exposure work
We are aiming to have large-scale impact and our plans for 2023 are ambitious, including:
  • Retest paints in Malawi to track the transition to lead-free
  • Gain commitments to the introduction or implementation of regulation in five more countries   
  • Expand to eight new countries
  • Conduct a pilot program to work on sources of lead exposure in addition to paint, further expanding our potential scale   

About the Role

LEEP is seeking multiple dynamic generalists to work as Programs Managers, who will lead our programs in a number of countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. We expect each Programs Manager will manage activities in between one and three countries. For the most part, this will be done by managing local advocates and partner NGOs. In some cases, the Programs Manager may run programs directly, by travelling to conduct paint studies and meet stakeholders, and then continuing with advocacy remotely. There also may be room for management opportunities as our Programs department grows. Programs Managers will report to Clare Donaldson, who leads LEEP’s program work.
While this role is primarily focused on programs, if applicants are capable of stepping in and serving in a variety of roles, then this is viewed as a plus, given the diverse and evolving needs of a growing non-profit startup. We are looking for candidates who are high-agency, have strong interpersonal skills, and who share LEEP’s values and ethos.

By running LEEP’s direct work (with support) in up to three of our focus countries, you will be able to make a huge difference, with your work positively impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
Responsibilities May Include

Programs work - 80%
  • Advocacy
    • Background research and planning to strategically engage with stakeholders
    • Generating data, by running paint studies to present to government
    • Preparation of materials for government meetings
    • Meeting with governments and assisting project partners in their meetings
  • Industry work
    • Working in collaboration with our reformulation expert to assist industry to phase out lead paint
    • Managing stakeholder relationships and communications with industry
    • Attending industry-goverment meetings
    • Seeking alternative ingredients suppliers to assist industry with phaseout
  • Partnership building and partnership management
    • Assist in recruiting new partners in new focus countries that we expand to
    • Manage stakeholder relationships of in-country partners who run advocacy in some countries
  • Engage in weekly team meetings

Other Priorities - 20%
  • May assist with a variety of other tasks across LEEP
  • Assisting with communications tasks would be desired, but not essential

What We’re Looking For
LEEP is seeking high-agency generalists to manage our paint programs in several countries. A successful applicant will possess some or most of the following:
  • Passion for LEEP’s mission, and for doing good in the world at scale
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and enjoys coordinating and working with others
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Comfort pitching ideas and proposals to audiences who might not be familiar with the material
  • Strong organisation and planning skills
  • Ability and willingness to work across a broad range of tasks
  • A strong ability to prioritise your tasks and recognise how they tie in with LEEP’s wider goals
  • Enterprising, a quick learner, and creative problem-solver
  • Comfortable with risk and ambiguity, and working with a high level of self-direction
  • Should be capable of working in a remote environment, unless based in London

Other promising attributes:
  • Fluency in other languages (to professional proficiency), in particular, French, Portuguese or Spanish. Arabic or Urdu would also be useful
  • Willingness to travel to projects across Africa, Asia and Latin America (approximately 6-16 weeks/year), though this may not be necessary for all programs managers
  • Experience travelling or working in developing countries
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, with a willingness to figure out how to tackle new problems, and take responsibility for leading projects in our focus countries
  • Interest or experience in entrepreneurship, startups or nonprofit startups
  • Familiarity with effective altruism
We are most interested in talent, not credentials. If you don’t fit some of the above criteria but think you are a good fit for this role, we’d love to see you apply. 

Benefits of Working at LEEP

  • A chance to have a large positive impact on the world, and improve hundreds of thousands of lives
  • Experience working at an early-stage, fast growing, effective altruism-aligned nonprofit
  • Flexible work hours according to your needs and rhythm
  • Shared workspace in London with a community of talented, dedicated and like-minded staff 
  • Remote work available 
  • 33 days of paid holiday
  • Unlimited sick leave
  • Paid parental leave
  • Opportunity to travel to meet the team (if remote), for team retreats and to attend conferences
  • Potential for advancement in responsibility as the organisation grows

How to Apply

  • Fill out this short application form. The strongest candidates will be contacted for the first-stage interview.
  • We respect your time, and we have designed our application process to reflect this. The first step of the application process should take about 20 minutes, and we only ask for more time from applicants we think would be an excellent fit for our organisation.
  • Later stages of the application process will consist of two work a series of work tasks and two interviews, and we aim to have made the final decisions by the end of August, and ideally before. 
  • This role has a 3-month test period, for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you better. 
  • If you have any questions about the position or the application process, please reach out to jack@leadelimination.org. I am happy to have a conversation!
LEEP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Candidates and employees are always evaluated based on merit, qualifications, and performance. We will never discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, ethnicity, disability status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, martial status, mental or physical disability, or any other legally protected status.

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2022-06-30

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