CMO at BOAS - a sustainable marketplace that donates all profits to charities that save lives (Amsterdam or Remote)


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BOAS is the world’s first marketplace that donates all profits to charities.

The unique difference between us and the competition is what we do with our profit. Normally, profits go to shareholders. But we're doing something very different.

We're giving it away. All of it, to charities that save lives.

We’re looking to scale with philanthropists instead of investors. Apart from that, our business operates just like the competition (but our business model has competitive advantages).

We launched in January 2022 and we’ve grown to more than 1.500 products (almost 100% MoM) and growing our active users at around 50% MoM and we spent no money on advertising. We need a CMO to continuously optimize the website (CRO) and drive more traffic to it with paid marketing, SEO, Social, Content, PR and influencers.

Time commitment: Full time

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  • Created by Vincent van der Holst
  • Submitted 01 Sep
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