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If you have a few years’ experience developing a particular skillset — be it in social media marketing, major donor fundraising, IT admin, or whatever else — there’s a good chance that there are effective animal advocacy nonprofits who would love your help, if you’ve got time to spare to offer your expertise.

We believe that this sort of skilled volunteering is likely to be a more effective use of your time for helping animals and a better way for you to build career capital or test your personal fit with a career path than volunteering that doesn’t draw on your existing experience.

We’ve contacted dozens of effective animal advocacy nonprofits and asked them what sorts of skilled volunteering support would be most useful for them. Our new skilled volunteering board is a tool that will help match skilled volunteers with the organisations that need their help.

It only takes 10 minutes to identify the right opportunities, and perhaps another ~30 minutes to apply.

So please click the button below and get started if you are interested in skilled volunteering to help animals or to test your fit with roles in animal advocacy nonprofits.

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