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Short animation for a NASA contest

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At ALLFED (Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters) we are looking to enlist the help of someone experienced in animation and/or design to contribute to a short animation video. We are participating in NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge, one of NASA's centennial challenges aiming to bring innovative food production technologies to space and here on Earth.

The final product would be a short video (<5 minutes) of the proposed resilient food production systems we have been researching for application on space and Earth in global catastrophic risk scenarios (e.g. nuclear winter). It should show the food production technology under operation (Setup, Operations from a user perspective, Inputs and outputs, Shutdown and cleaning...) as well as the application for catastrophes on Earth.

You can help us contribute to publicizing resilient food solutions and the topic of global catastrophic risks in general in an approachable way for the general public, and to help bring in funding for more research on these neglected, high-impact topics.

We prefer someone to work on this in a volunteer basis, but please do approach us with a reasonable offer for this commission if you have valuable experience.
This is an example of the production quality we would be expecting for this task, but we're open to any style.
The deadline for handing in the final version is the 27th of July.

Location: remote

Organisation: Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters

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