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Several 4-6hr volunteers needed ASAP to help make academic research higher-impact

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Hi all! I was lucky enough to receive an EA Funds grant to spend the rest of February working on a metascience-oriented project: a presentation for academic researchers that offers a framework for thinking about how to do higher-impact work. Details of the project can be found here

Because I have only a couple of weeks, and many hands make light work, I’m looking for volunteers to help with a couple of short-term, discrete tasks. I expect the time commitment to fall in the range of 3-7 hours. 

  • Select the best survey platform (like SurveyMonkey), post a survey I've written on that platform, and test it to make sure it works (required: basic computer skills)
  • Format the presentation slides to my specifications, possibly including giving an artist instructions on how to create some doodles (required: a decent eye for graphic design, Google Slides skills, ability to translate verbal concepts into visual representations)
  • Write up summary notes from several recorded ~1h interviews with academics—you can choose how many (required: ability to distill the most important information from a meandering conversation and organize it logically; some understanding of academic science and the goals of this project)
  • Help review the interview and survey results and identify the main themes that emerge (required: same as previous)

If you’re interested, please email me with the following information: 
  • The task(s) you’d consider doing
  • How much time you have to offer
  • When between now and Feb. 25 you’re available (some of these tasks need to occur earlier to make the timeline work!)

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