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I'm looking for proofreaders for a novel I wrote to promote EA

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I wrote a 110,000 word fantasy novel where the main character is an EA, and where the book tries to explain all, or at least most, of the main EA concepts. 

I'm hoping someone can help me get rid of any typos that are still there, and also provide an extra eye to point out things and arguments that don't seem right to them, or that they think might offend people, or where they are missing an obvious response. Simply taking a chapter and reading it while looking for typos (but ideally not one of the first two or three, since I've gotten way more commentary on them than the others), would be really helpful.

Here is the google docs link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZppL3mlO6M98TLQk2IAdL3nM__Pmjxirt59WXGzbIMM/edit?usp=sharing


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