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Answering Occasional Questions About Python/Django

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Hi all,

I'm currently learning programming for a project I'm working on (in short, the purpose is to make it convenient and enjoyable for anyone to take actions that encourage the adoption of data-driven policies and norms on causes they care about in communities, nonprofits, and businesses relevant to them). 

Although I'm self-teaching myself Python/Django, I think it'd be worthwhile to have someone I can reach out to when I get extra stuck and searching or forums aren't helping me through the problem. 

In terms of frequency, I imagine I'd have ~1-3 questions every 2-3 weeks or so (with high variability on this number). Usually, I can figure out most problems on my own or find helpful information online, but sometimes I think I'm wasting too much time stuck on things that someone more knowledgeable could quickly and easily explain. Although some things could probably be explained over email, I imagine there would be some times where screen sharing could be helpful to walk through what is going on. 

Would anyone skilled in Python/Django be interested in helping? I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount for this occasional help as well as meet up whenever is best for your schedule (if screen sharing is needed).

If interested, I'd love to get to know more about your background (and I'm happy to share more details from my end as well). Feel free to reach out at: stephanie.a.goulet@gmail.com

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Contact email: stephanie.a.goulet@gmail.com

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