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Online Living Database for Counter Mis/Disinformation Interventions

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Say No to Disinfo are building the world’s first and most complete online living database to counter disinformation. It will aggregate, categorise, curate and extract key information from empirical studies on interventions to counter mis/disinformation.

Say No to Disinfo have validated the utility of the database with governments, large corporates, NGOs and academics to ensure it meets a practical need in better responding to disinformation, especially in an age where AI multiplies this as a threat.

Their database has been designed in consultation with leading academics and campaigners to ensure the following:

It aggregates the field: The field of mis/disinformation is highly fragmented across disciplines, with different terms used by different fields. Research is highly disaggregated so it is challenging to operationalise research into action

It saves research time and highlights research gaps: Aggregating, curating, categorising and extracting insight from papers makes literature reviews, comparative studies and contrasting ones much quicker. Moreover, aggregating the field helps identify research gaps

It converts academic research into practical action: By providing an easy to use interface that guides campaigners to the optimal intervention based on a characterised information threat, it makes it easy for campaigners to convert research into campaigns.

It surfaces insights. Extracting key information from studies saves time in reading and reviewing papers.

We are looking for volunteers to upload papers to the database, reviewing them and extracting key information. It provides a hands-on opportunity to learn from cutting edge studies whilst contributing to a living resource that will have tangible positive real world impact. All volunteers will also of course be acknowledged. 

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