Venezuela Crisis Quantification

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Background: Venezuela is spiraling out of control as the government attempts to appropriate the nation’s vast oil wealth for itself, at the expense and neglect of every other economic sector - basic services to its population included. In the last year alone, Venezuela’s currency (VEF) has lost 98% of its value relative to the USD. At some point, food and basic medicine, or even active rescue and resettlement efforts to neighbouring countries, will be so cheap that DALYs saved per dollar will be on par with top global humanitarian efforts.

You will be responsible for formulating and helping execute a research plan to estimate the following:

1) True mortality and morbidity rates for malnutrition and most cheaply preventable causes of death in Venezuela currently

2) Cost per DALY over time of food and medicine for preventing or treating the above causes, over various at-risk demographics

3) Identification of highest-risk demographics and ranking of targeting charities by effectiveness

4) Specific cost efficiency of helping high risk demographics escape from Venezuela, compared to other forms of humanitarian relief; identification of other sustainable solutions (if any)

Should reliable and unbiased information on any of the above be lacking, we will be mobilizing a network of research assistants, including medical professionals, in Venezuela for the purposes of information gathering. Please cite your experience in doing Givewell-style cost effectiveness estimates. Spanish fluency a plus.

Budget: $500

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