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Leela Maps ~ The decentralized map for sharing spaces and services

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Leela Maps is mobile app of a map of spaces that users have access to, tagged by what services are available, shared within their trust networks. It has distinguishing features, such as:

  • Tags are defined by users, thus can span anywhere from #sparebed to #3dprinter to #wheelchairaccessible to #clothingoptional

  • Location listings are added to the map by sharing links so they can shared on any digital medium, which can be set as either private or shareable

  • Location listings include a list of members of the space and instructions for entry

The mission of Leela Maps is to enable resource sharing among underserved communities, including: refugees, natural disaster evacuees, homeless, vehicle dwelling, and disabled. It also has clear use cases for many alternative communities, such as makers, LARPers, anarchists, polyamorists, and residents of communal homes, as well as more mainstream communities such as parents, partygoers, and coworking entrepreneurs.

Currently there is a private beta for iOS. We are looking for team members with skills to develop Android and browser versions, and features for event and inventory management.

Sign up for the iOS private beta at: http://leelamaps.com

View an unedited demo at: https://youtu.be/BYj7VLoMFn0

Organisation: Leela Maps Inc

Contact email: leela.loop@gmail.com

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