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ImpactMatters, the 501(c)3 nonprofit behind the “impact audit” methodology, is now introducing Guided Impact Reporting (G.I.R.). G.I.R. is a free web app that guides nonprofits to quantify their impact. The app walks users through a structured set of questions and requires only the data nonprofits have readily at hand. With a click, G.I.R. generates an impact report, which shows donors exactly what the nonprofit has accomplished: How has the nonprofit changed the world? What did it cost to power that change?

Our standard for impact auditing informs every aspect of the app’s design. For instance, the app guides nonprofits to take account of what would have happened in the absence of their program (the counterfactual case). It also prompts nonprofits to consider whether their participants’ success displaces or enhances the success of others. Behind the scenes, our researchers regularly review the research literature on the effectiveness of a broad spectrum of interventions. We build our research directly into G.I.R., allowing nonprofits to leverage rigorous evidence relevant to your program.

Impact Reporting Specialists will join the ImpactMatters team in recruiting nonprofits and assisting them to complete impact reports via G.I.R. Generating a large number of high-quality impact reports will be essential to the successful launch of the G.I.R. web app in November 2018.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting nonprofits to go through the G.I.R. web app
  • Conducting one-on-one calls and/or providing chat support to each nonprofit to guide them through the app, including:
  • Ensuring nonprofits have the data necessary to complete the app o Helping nonprofits write their mission and choose outcomes
  • Advising nonprofits on how to calculate their impact and costs
  • Troubleshooting all other issues during the G.I.R. process
  • Gathering feedback from each nonprofit to help ImpactMatters improve G.I.R.
  • Providing your own feedback to help ImpactMatters improve G.I.R.


  • Master’s or highly qualified undergraduate students pursuing a degree in economics, public policy, social sciences or other related fields
  • Working knowledge of program evaluation and basic statistics
  • Experience in the nonprofit sector (domestic or abroad) preferred
  • Experience in client relations preferred

We expect Impact Reporting Specialists to devote between 5 and 10 hours a week to ImpactMatters. We encourage close communication with supervisors to ensure a feasible balance between ImpactMatters responsibilities and academic responsibilities. The internship is unpaid, but we would be more than happy to help you obtain academic credit for it.

The internship will run from September to December 2018, keeping in mind students’ schedules during midterms and finals.

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