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RAISE (see is setting up a CIO in the UK. Of the people already working on the project, not enough meet the legal requirements for being a trustee, like not taking a salary and living in the UK long-term. That’s why we are looking for EA’s that are willing to take on this responsibility, for the greater good and for building their CV. Requirements:

  • AI Safety is (one of) your main cause area(s), and you believe education is a relevant bottleneck
  • You’re dependable, and understand what it means to be a trustee (see
  • You will live in the UK for the forseeable future (citizenship not required)
  • You’re not receiving any benefits from RAISE

The job itself is very light: all you have to do is keep up to date with the latest developments and attend a monthly one-hour trustees meeting. We expect anything beyond that to be taken up by the management as usual, though your trusteeship is also an excellent opportunity to get involved more deeply with RAISE, and the AI Safety community in general.

Organisation: Road to AI Safety Excellence

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