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At the heart of SoGive is a database of data about the impact made by charities. We can use this to show you for each donation you have made to any charity in our database, how much of that charity’s impact is attributable to you. The number of charities we have in our database is currently in the hundreds; we hope to get it into the thousands soon.

We host regular do-a-thons in Central London, where we assess the effectiveness of various charities. Join our Meetup group for more info.

What happens at the event?

The session will start with a run-through of the charity analysis approach used by SoGive, given by Sanjay. We will then go ahead and analyse several charities.

Why would I want to attend?

This will be a great opportunity for people who want any of the following:

  • to get to know more about the assessment of charity impact
  • to know more about what’s happening in the charity sector
  • to contribute to an exciting project that may influence a huge number of people with their charitable giving
  • anyone who is planning to move into the charity sector/apply for a job there would find this would gain a real edge from this training

More questions you might have

– What skills do I need?

Ability to read, understand, and interpret information about charities. No need to be able to code, although familiarity with spreadsheets is useful

– Will I do very in depth charity analysis?

SoGive aims to be broad and cover lots of charities, rather than go into things in depth.

– Do I have to attend in person?

This is easiest to do if you’re London-based and can come to the venue, although we have accommodated people participating remotely as well. Best to say something in advance if you want to do this.

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