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Various volunteer roles at Invincible Wellbeing podcast

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Invincible Wellbeing podcast is calling for volunteers - from creatives and audio editors to biz devs and STEM students.

> There are many ways to get involved, no matter your skills.

At Invincible Wellbeing,

> We want to enrich the conversation about hacking the hedonic treadmill, developing inexhaustible fortitude, adaptive pain control, unbound compassion, and sustainable bliss. The show is unique in that we focus on the most neglected treatments and practices.

Ultimately, we* are looking to find and document answers to specific questions on how to abolish suffering and achieve sustainable wellbeing. It is early days of the project, and one can have a big impact on its development.

To express your interest, please submit your email on the volunteer page.

Thank you!

* Iā€™m a research volunteer at the project.

Organisation: Invincible Wellbeing

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