Anti-Bullying Squad Initiative (ABSI) Worldwide

Inform Priorities of Anti-Bullying Squad Initiative (ABSI) Worldwide in Sierra Leone

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Inform the priorities of the ~15-staff Anti-Bullying Squad Initiative (ABSI) Worldwide organization. Current projects include advancing messages on COVID-19 prevention in uninformed communities through local leaders networks and community tree planting.


  • How does the cost-effectiveness of the COVID-19 prevention program compare to that of Development Media International ? See DMI’s cost per life saved between $50 and $1,000 31:55–32:20. Is there anything that one organization can learn from the other?
  • Can the ABSI Worldwide tree planting program compete with the leading charity in this field, Eden Reforestation Projects?
  • Are there other ABSI Worldwide programs that are clearly much more or much less cost-effective than that organization’s other programs?
  • Can you rely on expert estimates or other cost-effective way of gathering necessary data?
  • What would you recommend to ABSI Worldwide donors? Considering that counterfactually, they may fund much more or much less cost-effective projects/ventures.


This project is enabled by an EA connection in Sierra Leone. Developing a locally appropriate impact evaluation framework and means to advise local organization leaders and donors contributes to capacity building of EA in Sierra Leone.

Counterfactual cost-effectiveness calculators

Can be found on this page.

Organisation: Anti-Bullying Squad Initiative (ABSI) Worldwide

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