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Increase the effectiveness of the 500,000-strong N-Power volunteer network in Nigeria

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Work with State coordinators and State focal persons on increasing the effectiveness of the 500,000-volunteer N-Power program in Nigeria. This program engages university graduates (paid a USD 80/month stipend) in improving local agriculture, healthcare, education, and tax compliance.

Steps to take:

‘1. Interview a few State coordinators and focal persons on clear inefficiencies and bottlenecks that can be addressed by minimal effort (e. g. providing a training brochure or making coordination changes)

‘2a. If inefficiencies can be thus identified and resources developed through the EA network, improve the efficiency in this way.

‘2b. If inefficiencies cannot be so simply identified, develop an online survey that can be shared among volunteers to gain further insight into solutions that would cost nothing or close to that but help a lot. Then, assist the State coordinators and focal persons to implement these solutions.

‘3. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of (adapting and) scaling identified solutions into other States in Nigeria. If competitive with EA top charities, or, using otherwise less effectively utilized resources, scale these solutions.

‘4. See if the framework of identifying and addressing inefficiencies can be useful to the N-Corps program in the long term and if this framework may interest other in-network actors.

’- Or, pivot as necessary.

EA Nigeria can facilitate connections with decisionmakers, so, remote work is possible.

Available roles (number of openings) … timeline (hourly commitment):

Please see the skills, background, and other requirements in this document (under “5. Team Composition”).

  • Manager (1) … present–end of program (1–10 hours/week)
  • In-country N-Power liaison (0) … present–end of program (1–5 hours/week)
  • In-country survey manager (3) … February–May, 2021 (1–5 hours/week)
  • Tech magician (2) … present–end of program (0–5 hours/week, most work around February 2021, on survey digitization)
  • Remote communications (2) … present–end of program (0–5 hours/week, most work around late January–February, 2021, on survey design)
  • Research design (3) … late January–February, 2021 (5 hours/week) and (0–2 hours/week) for any amendments until the end of the program
  • Data analysis (1) … March–May, 2021 (1–5 hours/week)
  • Writer (1) … March–July, 2021 (1–5 hours/week)

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Organisation: EA Nigeria

Contact email: zakariyauu@gmail.com

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