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About Antigravity Investments

Antigravity Investments is an EA social enterprise leveraging investing for social impact. We primarily assist EA organizations with investing their short-term and long-term financial reserves. We chose to focus on nonprofits because the charitable investing space is much more neglected than the individual investing space, although we can and have provided guidance to individual EAs as well. Nonprofits typically do not take full advantage of the benefits of investing, pay high fees (1%+) to an investment advisor, and/or invest ineffectively, underperforming market benchmarks on average.

We have three main drivers of impact: (1) providing high impact advice that for-profits have no incentive to give, (2) employing evidence-based investing optimized for nonprofit tax laws to increase investment returns, and (3) employing operational and technological strategies to significantly reduce nonprofit investment costs and increase net returns.

Opportunities with Our Key Activities

Nonprofit & EA Outreach

Antigravity Investments has advised millions of dollars in charitable assets, typically increasing an EA organization’s funding by tens of thousands of dollars per year. To further increase our impact we would like to identify, reach out to, and advise more high impact charities.

Investment Research and Asset Management

Antigravity Investments operates across the domains of passive, systematic/rules-based, and active investing as applied to asset allocation, sub-asset class allocation, and individual security selection. To improve our investment recommendations we would appreciate skilled assistance in evaluating new investment approaches and assessing the efficacy of hundreds of investment funds and strategies within our scope of awareness.

Creating Investing Algorithms in Python

Antigravity Investments runs dozens of Python investing algorithms on our servers and receives thousands of dollars worth of technology and computational resources in the form of a semi-annually renewed charitable grant from a leading automated investing company. Automated investing technology enables us to provide advanced evidence-based investment services to many charities while dramatically reducing our ongoing costs after automated investing logic is written. We can benefit from additional help with writing algorithms to evaluate investment strategies, improving existing algorithms, and transitioning investing algorithms across various services.

Web App Development

Antigravity Investments started out attempting to develop a robo-advising web application with Python Flask to serve the nonprofit sector. A custom web application enables us to increase the number of nonprofits we can reach, improve the efficacy of our service, and decrease our cost per nonprofit served. Due to development delays, we switched to third party technologies, which have been effective in helping us grow. Nevertheless, using a custom web app to automate client onboarding and investment advising would greatly improve the scalability of our current model.

Contribution Logistics

We have part-time and full-time opportunities available. These opportunities range from “B2B sales” to programming, and most roles will directly help us significantly expand our operations. We have recently reached profitability, although our current amount of funding is not fully sufficient to support paid roles. We anticipate increasing revenue or acquiring funding to support paid roles in the near future. Any volunteer contributions to help us get there are greatly appreciated.

Feel free to reach out directly via Facebook if you’re interested in contributing, providing funding, inquiring about our investment services, or discussing something else: or Or use the email listed below.

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