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(Graphic designer, database admin, online media developer) Help EA Cameroon with early December–late January festivities advertisement

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EA Cameroon is seeking a graphic designer, database admin, and an online media developer for its early December, 2020–late January, 2021, festivities advertisement campaign.

We are currently thinking that an appropriate way of engaging persons from farming communities is to enable them to contribute their skills and information to benefit others. EA Cameroon also plans to supply information (e. g. on different healthcare practices) that some EA-aligned organizations also advance. In this way, people would be encouraged to do good (aspire within a framework in which anyone can succeed) and to do it better, using evidence.

We would also be aiming to involve decisionmakers, such as government officials and non-state military group leaders of the Anglophone crisis - very carefully through trusted connections. Anyone would be welcome to use the platform and EA Cameroon/global knowledge to advance their objectives better - ‘since’/as long as/to hold others accountable to virtuous standards, these objectives are to benefit others - e. g. the government really wants to share its ideology because it is helpful, or the non-state armed groups wish to promote justice, enabling persons in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon be free. When conversations are started, diplomacy can be utilized.

EA Cameroon would monitor the fair use of this platform - making sure that those who sign up/participate really wish to help others for a mere ‘token’ - e. g. transport stipend and welcome favor from the trainees - or, to learn diligently to utilize the skills that they can acquire - for themselves and to benefit others. The group would also gather data on persons’ priorities to share low-cost resources (information or in-network skills) that could benefit them greatly. EA Cameroon would also prioritize certain demands and offers, aiming to maximize overall additional welfare. Last, the group would facilitate and encourage the on-site operations.

The platform would not be exclusively for EAs but anyone who participates needs to follow the EA principles, by the nature of the resource. The projects would be effectively altruistic, as partakers would be doing the counterfactual most good that they can.

Please e-mail (ea.cam@yahoo.com) if you can help.

Organisation: EA Cameroon

Contact email: ea.cam@yahoo.com

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